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Inside Voice

Intuition, the subtle whisper within, serves as a formidable ally on your quest to unveil your life's purpose. It possesses a depth of understanding that transcends the boundaries of conscious thought. Attuning yourself to this silent guide can unveil truths that your aware mind might overlook. Cultivating an awareness of your gut feelings and instincts can be pivotal in steering you towards decisions and avenues harmonious with your purpose. 

In the realm of self-discovery, meditation and mindfulness stand as invaluable companions. Through these practices, you forge a connection with your inner self, creating a serene mental landscape where profound insights have room to surface. Meditation, with its focus on breath and stillness, provides a sanctuary for your intuition to speak. It becomes a channel through which the subtle nuances of your purpose can be revealed. 

Mindfulness practices, anchored in the present moment, amplify your receptivity to the guiding whispers of intuition. By immersing yourself fully in the now, you invite a heightened awareness of the inner currents shaping your journey. The synergy of meditation and mindfulness establishes a foundation for a profound understanding of self and purpose. 

Excerpt above taken from, "Let's Start Living" by Tavi Barlow


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