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"Can Practicing Gratitude Really Improve Your Health?"

Gratitude is the practice of acknowledging and appreciating different aspects of life, both big and small. 

Many research studies have shown that gratitude has been linked with:

  1. Reduced stress-levels

  2. Lower rates of depression

  3. Increased patience 

  4. Better sleep quality 

  5. Improved relationships

  6. Supporting heart health

-The Journal of Psychosomatic Research cross-sectional study concluded that, “Gratitude predicted greater subjective sleep quality and sleep duration, and less sleep latency and daytime dysfunction.” 

-“A review of 70 studies that include responses from more than 26,000 people found an association between higher levels of gratitude and lower levels of depression.” (UCLA Health) 

Mastering gratitude for yourself and others, is a powerful tool for improving overall well-being and strives toward a fulfilling, positive future. By regularly practicing gratitude, you can train your mind to focus on abundance and prosperity. So count your blessings, appreciate small victories and be positive; it’s all part of this journey called life!

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