The Blinded Today

Life's a marathon

It's an uphill battle

Born to die

It's so simple

The easy part

But everything in between is so complex

So complex that I live in the future

I breathe for tomorrow

I breathe for the finish line

I breathe for future successes

But then I look, and I'm all out of air

I forgot to breathe now

I'm worn in the now

I'm blind to the checkpoints

Because my eyes are fixed on tomorrow

I forget about today

I forget to...

Cherish the pain of yesterday

As my past eyes

Once prayed for today's eyes

I am still catching my breathe again

Relearning, the significance of small victories

Acknowledging the beauty in hardships

Opening my heart again for the now

The process is gracefully difficult

But I am willingly open

I am resiliently tough


Balance your vision

Stabilize your heart

Acknowledge each check point

On the path to every finish line

Learn to appreciate the journey

As it shapes the final finish line

Life's a marathon.

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